Discipleship Pathway Courses

We are so excited to give you the opportunity to become fully alive in Jesus through our discipleship pathway courses. The courses we offer are:

1- Fresh Start

2- Essentials 

3- Lead 101

4- Advance

Courses Description

  • Fresh Start – which covers the basics of faith and how you can grow in the spiritual disciplines needed to thrive as a disciple of Jesus. This is for those that are new followers of Jesus or those that have just recommitted their lives to Christ.


  • Essentials – covers the basics of discipleship and the personal spiritual foundations that are essential for disciples to thrive in their walk with Jesus. This course is for those that want to grow in their understanding and application of foundational discipleship principles.


  • Lead 101 – covers the basics of leadership. We believe disciples of the law Jesus are meant to thrive as leaders that effectively serve God and people . This course is for those that want to be equipped in building strong teams and groups in the context of the local church.


  • Advance – covers the basics of ministry. We believe that disciples of Jesus thrive as they understand their personal calling and how God prepares and promotes those that He calls. This is for those that want to be more effective in ministry and understand how to be coached and to coach others in effective ministry.