Volunteer — City Life San Francisco Church

Weekend Ministries

On any given weekend, a bunch of volunteers serve in a variety of ministries here at City Life. One of our passions is team, and City Life is a team of teams! There are many options to choose from, and you can join more than one.

But here’s the thing: we have no needs! Just lots of opportunities!! So what are you passionate about, or interested in learning? Check out our lineup of ministry opportunities, click the “I’m interested” button, and jump in.

  • Worship
  • Multi-media
  • Productions
  • Hospitality
  • Guest Services
  • Greeters
  • First Impressions
  • City Life Café
  • Kids Church
  • Youth
  • Prayer Team
  • Events
  • GO! Outreach
  • Small Groups
  • Facilities
  • Creative Arts

Local Ministries

Our goal at City Life is to impact the lives of those across the cubicle, across the street and across the globe. Here in San Francisco, there are so many opportunities to impact lives. That is why we’re driven to constantly look for ways to make a difference – and then we do something about it!

Here are some ways you can get involved in serving our communities & city:


What: Walk and clean the neighboorhod, interact and pray with the homeless community around Bayshore Blvd.
When: 2nd Saturdays 9:30am
Where: Meet at City Life Church
Who: All ages welcome

What: Partnership with the SF-Food Bank, where we serve food to over 100 families.
When: Every Friday
Where: Meet at Crossroads. 160 Sixth St. San Francisco CA. 
Who: All ages welcome


City Life also partners with and financially supports several community groups throughout San Francisco, including:

  • City Impact
  • YWAM
  • City Crossroads
  • City Team
  • Epiphany House
  • Rescue Mission
  • United Playaz
  • Project Bayview
  • SoMa Youth Collaborative
  • Lyrical Opposition

Global Ministries

Missions is in the heart of God, therefore, it’s in our DNA. We’re all about missions here at City Life, and that’s why we’re crazy about sending teams, resources and funds to ministries here in the US and nations around the world.

City Life supports many church planters and ministries monthly throughout the United States, and missionaries in many countries around the globe, including: Chad, Brazil, Dubai, India, and Iran. We also have projects in Cuba, Haiti, Togo and two City Life Churches in India.

City Life is a church-planting-church, and we’re committed to planting many more churches throughout the United States and the nations around the world!